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Capital One 2018 Software Engineering Winter Summit

Published on 2018-01-13.

I attended the CapitalOne 2018 Software Engineering Winter Summit the past few days. Here's my experience.

Note: I missed the first couple days because I was out of the country.


Learned about:

Summit attendees went to a Capitals game.


Learned about:

Had lunch with CapitalOne recruiters

Summit attendees went bowling at a fancy place near Georgetown Cupcakes.


CapitalOne hosted a summit-wide hackathon, where all summiteers got into teams of 5-6 and hacked together something banking-related for the whole day. Most stayed up past 2:00 AM the next day.

I worked with Max, Kyle, Amy, and Melida to build SocialSpend. Max built an iOS app using AR Kit. Kyle and I spent hours being able to read, write, update, and delete data from Firebase but we got it to work eventually. We also restructured the data in Firebase at least 3 times. Kyle, Amy, Melida and I worked on building the desktop website to accompany the iOS app.


Our team was still working on SocialSpend until ~3:30AM. Later, all teams presented their work. The team that won 1st built an app and chrome extension that helps users make better purchases by showing the hidden costs associated with a purchase (e.g. interest, opportunity costs associated with investing).

Personally I thought the most useful hack was SCRAP.PY. It lets people with no banking information or credit score obtain loans and makes it easy for others to give loans while providing feedback on whether or not it's a good loan to give (using machine learning). This means people who need loans can get them and others can make money by providing loans with a great assurance of being paid back.

The 1st place team won Amazon Echos, but what followed next was a surprise for everyone. Each attendee got to choose from the following:

So everyone got a $150-200 gift. After that surpise, Max said "so we all won". I think we all agreed.

This concluded the CapitalOne 2018 SWE Winter Summit.

Overall Thoughts

It was a fun summit and I learned a lot during the hackathon. I definitely want to attend more of these types of events and will be looking for more of these corporate summits to attend.