Omkar's face

Omkar Konaraddi

Work Experience

I have some experience in software, education, and the intersection of those two.


I recently started working at Microsoft. Previously I was an intern at Capital One (x2), Thermo Fisher Scientific, ARLIS, and Mozilla.


Currently I tutor on the weekends at JEI Learning Center. I've been tutoring middle and high school students in math on and off since I was in 6th grade; I graduated high school with 300+ hours in volunteer tutoring. I was an instructor at Engineering for Kids summer camps through college where I taught middle and high school students how to build and program LEGO MINDSTORMS robots, make games with Multimedia Fusion, and code in Python.

When I was a student at University of Maryland, I was a TA for the 1-credit React and Node courses in Winter 2019. I co-taught CMSC389O The Coding Interview in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 where I helped students get internships and full-time roles in tech.