Omkar's projects

Visualize a graph of prerequisites for courses offered at University of Maryland.

Turns your smartphone into a 3D controller with a web app. 440+ GitHub stars and 5,800+ visitors.

A subpar laundromat.

Web and augmented reality apps to visualize nearby friends’ transactions and reviews.

Identify trends and project return on investment for Airbnb hosts. Invited to Capital One Summit (40/450+).

Robotics @ Maryland
Built Robotics @ Maryland's website.

Python Camp Materials
Led classes of 10 to 20 middle school kids; taught programming in Python and wrote the curriculum.

ACES Honeypot Research
Set up honeypots then collected and analyzed malware.

Over Sand Vehicle
Programmed a mini car to autonomously navigate an obstacle course. Finalist at UMD Over Sand Vehicle competition.

Chrome Extension Hacktorial
Delivered a talk on building Chrome extensions to 50+ college students.

Raspberry Pi password manager with 3FA. 2nd Place at Northrop Grumman CyberEngineer Challenge.

Apps on Play Store
Apps that customize the device's homepage UI/UX. 4,300+ monthly active users.

Minimal Walls
Minimal wallpapers for mobile devices.